Preventative Counseling and Internal Investigations Attorney
Robert M. Wilson

If there is a suspicion of fraud or other wrongdoing, many businesses and local governmental agencies will conduct their own internal investigation to determine the details of the cases. Lead by attorney Robert M. Wilson has experience in overseeing internal investigations.

If fraud, embezzlement, or corruption on the inside is suspected, our firm can conduct extensive investigations, including the following:

  • Document examination
  • Employee interviews
  • Background checks
  • Financial audits

Whenever necessary, we utilize forensic accountants and forensic computer experts to assist us in the more complex financial aspects of a case. Our investigation consultants are former law enforcement, including the former members of the FBI and former Sacramento local law enforcement. Our firm is proud of the level of organization we maintain throughout the course of the entire business or corporate investigation.

After all investigations, interviews, and examinations are completed, our firm then assembles documents supporting our investigative conclusions and turns them over to the corporate or governmental entity. Depending on the circumstances, the entity may wish to turn the investigation package over to the proper authorities or deal with the matters internally.

We can discuss your business’ situation and how we can tailor our corporate internal investigation to suit your goals. Our firm has the resources, experience, and capabilities to do a full, independent internal investigation for companies, school districts, municipal or governmental entities, or other clients.



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