Governmental Investigations

Served with a Search Warrant or Subpoena? What Next?

Search warrants and subpoenas can create significant distress for individuals and businesses alike. For individuals, a search warrant can lead to the seizure of potentially damaging evidence against you and ultimately a warrant for your arrest. For businesses, a search warrant or subpoena can lead to the ultimate demise of your organization. Experienced legal counsel is absolutely necessary in both situations.

The firm provides clients with knowledgeable and effective legal guidance based upon decades of criminal law experience. We can prepare clients for the road ahead and ensure that law enforcement does not exceed their legal boundaries.

The firm provides comprehensive representation to clients throughout California who have been served with any of the following government documents:

  • Search warrant
  • State or federal grand jury subpoena
  • Prosecutor investigative subpoena
  • Administrative subpoena

Know Your Rights — As Well As Your Obligations

Search Warrants: An individual or a business can be served with a search warrant by either state or federal authorities. If you are served with a search warrant, carefully review its contents to determine what law enforcement is looking for and where they are permitted to search. You are not required to talk to the police or answer any questions while the warrant is being executed. Similarly, when a business is served with a search warrant, employees are not required to answer questions. However, interfering with a legal search, or attempting to destroy documents or other evidence can lead to criminal charges for obstruction of justice.

State and Federal Subpoenas: Subpoenas may be used to collect documents, compel testimony, or collect other information from an individual or business. If you or your business has been served with a subpoena, it is imperative to seek legal counsel before responding. An experienced attorney can identify when a subpoena merits an objection, identify privileged information, and craft an appropriate response.

Lead by experienced white collar criminal defense attorney Robert M. Wilson, we take pride in our ability to fully examine each and every aspect of your case. We offer thorough representation and construct a strong and ethical defense on your behalf.

Do not hesitate to enlist our assistance. We will work diligently to protect your rights and thoroughly research and investigate all aspects of your unique situation.



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